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Little Shoulder Bag#9

Little Shoulder Bag#9
Black leather
Leather living
1 metallic star
Small lacquered white nails
Dimensions : 19.0/ 9.5/ 12.0 cm
Shoulder strap : 52.0 cm
Made In Italy


The 19zero6 Little Shoulder Bag#9 in leather is also leather lined (lined in leather), it has a silver star on the front.
19zero6 proposes a useful shoulder bag for women who are always on the go but want to be elegant at the same time whit a high quality item.
This line of bags and accessories is characterized by small lacquered white nails all along the front giving a recognizable imprint of the Brand.

  1. Jean


    WonderingSoul–Well, you’re right that I’m probably too quick to dismiss my work. And it helps to be reminded that popularity and value are two different standards by which contributions can be judged. Still, this particular piece is a bit long and meandering, even in comparison with my other work. And yes, my response to your comment was meant to be wry. My humor, such as it is, has always been on the dry side. Thanks for taking the time to offer re.c;uranseaWarmly,&#8211sWill

  2. Letitia


    Scary. I sure hope it does get used for good purposes, but I can’t imagine how this would be a useful tool.It is inertesting to see our knowledge of the universe and ourselves keep expanding.

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